Getting up to date on things

April-July 07

It is hard to get our website up-to-date after such a long pause. we finally have internet, due completely to a miracle on the part of the Lord. We are very thankful…but very behind!!!

2_327_po32dytthh.jpgThings are rolling along. We saw all three of the couples who did the last round of our premarital course marry this spring. We will begin next week with a follow-up course for newlyweds. We have also begun counseling couples who are in need of a more personal help for their marriage relationship.
We are really busy this summer with preparations. Gianluca is preparing for Mission i6:8’s two mission trips this September (to Northern Africa and Albania) and for the restarting of the i6:8 school this fall. Carli is working hard to prepare classes for the “Dating” aspect of the couples ministry. This will also begin early October and will include courses on Purity, Dating, Courtiship, Sexuality, Addiction, etc. Furthermore we are working hard to prepare the other areas of the couples ministry in order to get them running as soon as possible.

We were happy to host Carli’s sister in June, together with her son and Carli’s parents. We were also able to enjoy a longer stay with Carli’s parents into July. We got away as a family for the first time in 2 years! We spent two days at Rome when we dropped off Carli’s sister and a week at the beach in Torre del Orso (a beach town south of where we live). It was refreshing to be able to have rest, family time, and fun. We enjoyed ourselves and felt our strength renewed. We are now looking forward to the arrival of Gianluca’s brother and family (Jul 25).

We are continuing to process and heal from the many difficulties of these last 2 years- God is faithful to meet our daily needs and to carry us through all our trials. We have grown and learned a lot from each difficulty and know that God has used these challenge us to better prepare us to serve others who might be in need. God is good and we just keep charging forward, praying for strength to keep serving him as long as he wills for us to do so.

Keep praying