Happy Resurrection Day!

Christ is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter to everyone. Easter is so important for us as believer’s. It is what makes Christianity different than other religions…we have a Christ crucified for our sins, but not a Christ who remained dead. We have Christ resurrected! THrough his resurrection we can have the victory.

Ministry: We are still working to organize a trip to Morocco again this summer (hopefully in June) with i6:8. Gianluca and I hope to go to a missionary care center in September to see how they run thing (we have reservations). Things in the church are going well. The church continues to grow spiritually and in numbers. God is guiding the leadership and forming an excellent team of leaders who will work together to accomplish more and greater things for the glory of God. The various ministries of the church are each coming under the direction of a leader and then each leader is under the senior pastor (a bit like most churches in the US). It is exciting to see the need for this develop! This means that the church is growing so much that the pastor cannot do everything on his own. God has brought a great team of workers together and we are excited to see how he uses them. Gianluca is preaching at the upcoming conference on April 28th. We are prayerful that it will be an event that will stimulate the spiritual growth of many young people. We are also looking forward to the upcoming men’s conference which Gianluca has been very involved in coordinating.

Personal: The house is almost done and we hope to begin the move this coming Thursday or Friday. There is still a lot to do, but we can do the rest slowly after we have moved in.Gianluca’s office is mostly done…a few finishing touches to get him settled and “up and going”. We are all feeling a bit unsettled right now with all the changes and stresses in the recent period, but we charge forward in faith knowing that God will meet our every need and bless or ministry here as long as he wants our service here.